• Officer Application

Dear Prospective Applicant,

  Thank you for your interest in leading Soldiers of the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), the Army’s oldest and proudest Infantry Regiment.  Assignments to this MTO&E Infantry Regiment are prestigious, challenging and rewarding.  Members of The Old Guard serve in the shadow of the most important institutions of our Republic in support of the senior military and civilian leaders of our Nation.  The Old Guard is a unique Regiment with the most diverse mission set of any organization of its size, and we operate in a sensitive and high-visibility environment.  Due to the environment in which we operate, we have tough, high standards and we need outstanding leaders who can continue to uphold them.

  The Regiment’s primary focus is to render honors to the Nation’s Fallen Warriors in Arlington National Cemetery.  We regularly conduct ceremonies to honor foreign heads of government and state and our own senior military leaders.  Though we conduct ceremonies to the highest standard, we are still an Infantry Regiment.  We rotate companies through a training cycle, which provides a level of predictability.  One of the cycles is tactical training, which allows our leaders and Soldiers to remain technically and tactically proficient.

  Assignment to the Regiment is tough.  If selected, you will undergo an intense training program to certify that you can lead ceremonies and render honors to our Warriors.  After your certification, you will be an integral part of our winning team that was with Washington in 1775.  We believe that serving as a member of The Old Guard team is a professionally rewarding experience.

  The regiment is primary Infantry. A few positions exist for Adjutant General, Military Intelligence, Signal, Chemical, Chaplain, Transportation, JAG, Medical, PAO, Military Police, and Ordnance.

  Most Infantry lieutenants and junior captains serve as platoon leaders and executive officers. Senior captains serve on the regiment staff and take second commands.

  Basic qualifications for assignment include:

·    Height- Males, 5’10" to 6’4" tall / Females 5’8" to 6’2"

·    Must meet all Army height and weight standards

·    No movement restrictive profiles

·    Must be a US Citizen on Regular Army Active Duty

·    Ranger Qualification highly recommended for Infantry Officers

  To gain an assignment here, you must submit a packet to us that is approved through the Regimental Commander or Deputy Commander. The following is required in the packet for acceptance into the unit:

(1) DA Form 4187 including:

·    Assignment request (with availability date) to The Old Guard

·    Signature of the first O6 in your chain of command (typically BDE Commander)

·    Some units require you to have the 4187 signed by your division G1.

·    Statement that you understand this is a minimum 24 month tour and that The Command Team will not support requests to separate prior to the normal tour length.

·    Statement that you are within the standards of AR 600-9

(2) Record APFT Scorecard
(3) DA Photo --  if not current or you do not have one, I recommend getting an updated photo.  If deployed, a digital full-length picture of you in ACUs is sufficient
(4) A minimum of 1 letter of recommendation (from senior rater or higher)
(5) Brief, informal letter of intent from you explaining why you want to come to The Old Guard
(6) Last 3 Officer Evaluation Reports or Academic Evaluation Reports

  This information can be sent digitally over email.  Please ensure that the information you send is accurate.  Other information can be found on our website at http://www.army.mil/oldguard/.  If you have any questions about either the application or application process feel free to call Regiment Staff Duty at (703) 696-3003 or DSN 426-3003 or contact via e-mail: 1LT Prince


Paulette O. Prince
1LT, US Army


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