Bravo Company
3d US Infantry Regiment

On Order, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 3d US Infantry Regiment, deploys by land or air to: Assist with NBC operations, conduct area security operations, and control civil disturbances in support of the Military District of Washington’s defense to the National Capital Region. Bravo Company also conducts Joint and Army ceremonies and funerals in support of the Military District of Washington.

Bravo Company is task organized as a Light Infantry Rifle Company comprised of a headquarters element and three Rifle Platoons. Its primary mission is to support the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) in its defense of the National Capital Region. These skills can also be called on to support the Army in its world-wide mission. Bravo Company also maintains proficiency in those tasks that support the Old Guard as it performs ceremonies and memorial affairs for the Military District of Washington. While fulfilling its ceremonial functions, Bravo Company provides marching elements for a host of Department of Defense and Department of the Army ceremonies year round. As a memorial affairs element, B Company is one of the primary elements in the Old Guard that provides marching, casket team and the firing party elements for military funerals in Arlington National Cemetery.