Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I am assigned to the unit who do I contact first?

The first person you contact is Regimental Indoctrination Program Duty NCO and then your sponsor if you have already been assigned one.

2. What type of housing is available?

All soldiers need to know that housing is expensive and should have a solid plan for immediate housing upon arrival to the MDW area. The best bet is to work with your sponsor to arrange for temporary quarters or work with Army Community Services Representative who can be reached at commercial (703) 696-3510 or DSN 426-3510.

3. Will I have to take an APFT upon arrival?

Yes, you will complete an APFT during your in-processing.

4. Will I have to take a Urinalysis upon arrival?

 Yes, you will be required to conduct urinalysis testing in accordance with Army Regulations.

5. What should I know as a soldier about being an in-state resident if my spouse wants to continue her college education while assigned to The Old Guard?

During your in-processing you will be afforded time to visit the education center where you will be given all the information on local institutions and their policies.

6. What issues do I need to know about concerning TRICARE?

Spouses need to research the TRICARE region switch prior to arriving. This will help them when they do their initial medical In-processing. The TRICARE paperwork takes 3-4 weeks to get into the system. By making the switch early, you will be assured quality medical care immediately.

7. When are Soldiers authorized to take Permissive TDY (PTDY)?

1) A Soldier is authorized to take PTDY for house hunting after written notification of PCS orders, but prior to departure on PCS.
2) A Soldier is authorized to take PTDY for house hunting en route together with leave and travel.
3) A Soldier is authorized to take PTDY for house hunting after arriving at gaining station.

8. If I am married en-route to The Old Guard, what will I need to make the proper changes for my dependents?

All documents needed for dependents (ie. Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificates, and Social Security Cards).