Regimental Chaplain

Provide comprehensive religious support to the 3d US Infantry Regiment during all phases of the regiment's mission to ensure the free exercise of religion.

Provide Moral leadership to the regiment to assist the regiment in developing and sustaining tactically and technically proficient soldiers and leaders.

On order, provide religious support to the regiment during contingency operations as required.

Our Vision: To assist Soldiers and family members of the regiment in making positive decisions, strengthening spiritual focus, improving family relationships, and leading principle-centered lives.




Contact Us

The Regimental Chaplain's Office is located in the middle section of building 219.
Regimental Chaplain - (703) 696-4850
Regimental Religious Affairs NCO - (703) 696-0449

The 4/3 Battalion Chaplain's Office is located on the 3rd floor of building 410, 4/3 Battalion Headquarters building.
4/3 Battalion Chaplain - (703) 696-3579
4/3 Battalion Religious Affairs NCO - (703) 696-4365

1/3 Battalion Chaplain’s Office is located in the basement of building 335, the Old Post Chapel.
1/3 Battalion Chaplain - (703) 696-5087
1/3 Battalion Religious Affairs NCO - (703) 696-3019