Request Support

  To request Continental Color Guard support please fill out the DD Form 2536 and CCG Form and follow the directions below:

  • Save the PDF forms to your computer's desktop
  • Reopen the forms and fill it out in its entirety
  • Print the document and manually sign it
  • Using a scanner, scan the forms and save it back to your desktop
  • Using your email provider attach the forms and any supporting documentation to the email
  • Email the forms to CCG Reguests

  If you are still having difficulty after following the above instructions contact the Military District of Washington using the contact information below.

Military District of Washington
Ceremonial Activities Division, Special Events
Fort Leslie J. McNair
Washington, DC 220319-5058

Military / Government Request
Office - (202)685-2994
Fax - (202)685-3379

Civilian Requests:
Office - (202) 685-4990
Fax - (202) 685-1999

December 25
New Year's Day
January 1
MLK, Jr. Birthday
January 21
Washington's Birthday
February 18