947th Military Police Detachment
289th MP Co, 4th BN, 3d U.S. Inf. Reg.

The 947th Military Police Detachment is looking to fill open enlisted billets in the MWD (K9) Detachment. These billets are for Staff Sergeant and below 31B MOS with ASI of Z6 or Z7. Non-commissioned Officers and enlisted Soldiers who are qualify Military Police (31B) with an ASI of Z6 or Z7 wanting to join the 947th Military Police Detachment should contact SFC Sauder at commercial (703) 696-3149 or DSN 426-3149 or the Kennel Master or Plans NCO at the below number or email.

The 947th Military Police Detachment are attached to the 289th Military Police Company that falls under the command of the 4th Battalion, 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard). This diverse Military Police Detachment is the second largest Military Working Dog (MWD) Kennels in the Continental United States. This unit has assigned 24 MWDs with a variety of skills from Patrol Explosive Detection Dog (PEDD), Patrol Narcotic Detection Dog (PNDD), and Specialized Search Dog (SSD).

The Soldiers who fall under this diverse detachment are the warriors behind the scene on many highly visible missions with their four legged partner.  They work closely with the U.S. Secret Service, sister Military Services, and local Law Enforcement Agencies. These Soldiers of the 947th Military Police Detachment support missions for the President of the United States, Vice President, and Foreign Visiting Dignitaries. These missions range from working at Arlington National Cemetery, Camp David, the U.S. Capital Building, the National Archives, the United Nations, and other places within the east coast region were the President, Vice President and Foreign Visiting Dignitaries might visit in their official capacity. 

When not conducting mission for high ranking officials some Soldiers within the detachment provide 24 hours Law Enforcement duties for the Director of Services (DES) on Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall (Fort Myer), Virginia and Fort Leslie J. McNair, Washington D.C.


While not conducting mission within the National Capital Region (NCR) or other parts of the east coast they have an opportunity to train at some very different locations compared to fellow Kennels in the Military Police Regiment. In the past ,the kennels have conducted training at places such as RFK Stadium, Verizon Center (were the Washington Capitals and Wizards play), National Stadium (the home of the Nationals), the various museums of the Smithsonian Institute, the International Airport of Dulles, the Ronald Reagan National Airport, and many more locations in the NCR.